Changes are part of our lives. Not a day goes by without change. Change is no longer an exception in companies today; it has nearly become a ‘standard’ activity, but still a lot of organisations struggle. Hence, professional Change Management focuses on accompanying change in a coordinated way. The goal is to design the process, pick up the ball and move it forward whilst being prepared and dealing with the dynamics of change.

The question is not what company culture you would like to have but rather what company culture you need to be successful?

Focus is important when you set out to change your existing company culture because a culture consists of many elements including strategy, the purpose of the company and its structures, etc. The basis of cultural change is to assess your existing culture and then consider what culture is desirable and how that culture might be achieved.

The lever for sustainable economic success? Engaged employees!

Values derive from needs. The better the corporate culture embodies those needs which employees find important, the higher the employees’ motivation and commitment. That commitment and motivation will impact the business results.

Whatever you measure, tends to improve.

The Cultural Transformation Tools ® (CTT) from Richard Barrett are the basis for my change management work. CTT makes what is intangible, measurable. CTT revolves around three key questions, aimed at identifying the most important Values of the respondent (out of a choice of around 100 Values). Survey participants log on to a password-protected website where they may be asked to choose from drop down lists of demographic categories. They are then asked to select
• Ten values that represent who they are (personal values);
• Ten values that represent how their culture operates (current culture);
• Ten values that represent for them the elements necessary for their culture to achieve its highest performance (desired culture).
The following examples show the approach for large organizations and for teams of up to 20 people.

Andrea Bokler in numbers


Trained CTT Practitioner

Individual Value Assessment Feedback

Coachings Change Projects

CTT Participants in surveys

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