Cultural Transformation Tools® (CTT)

You are a coach, change consultant or change agent and would like to use these Cultural Transformation Tools ® (CTT)?

Dr. Andrea Maria Bokler offers, in her capacity as certified Cultural Transformation Tools ® (CTT) trainer, a german-speaking Barrett Values Center Cultural Transformation Tools ® (CTT practitioner) certification seminar, aimed at developing Values in Organisation.

Cultural Transformation Tools ® (CTT) are effective tools for diagnosing, monitoring and developing Values and Culture, aimed at coaches, change consultants and change agents. The online diagnostic tools can be used for consulting individuals (Leadership development), teams and organizations. According to the latest research, valued-based organizations are the most successful players in our globalized world, because they can identify and satisfy the needs of their employees, and obtain a high level of commitment and motivation from them in return.

The tools presented here are based on the seven levels of consciousness, as elaborated by Richard Barrett. Further details and extensive information on the Richard Barrett Value Center and CTT are available here: Richard Barrett

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Books on CTT (in German)

Cultural Transformation Tools ® CTT:

Measure What Truly Matters For Success
But what is CTT exactly? It is difficult to explain in one sentence, and therefore an ideal case for a “simpleshow”, showing us the Cultural Transformation Tool:
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